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Trump’s Hope Rises: Separate, secure ballots received after 8 PM – Justice Samuel Alito orders

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Tension in the ongoing US election may have taken global attention away from business and economic activities following rising suspicion of fraud, claims, and counterclaim amongst Republicans and Democrats.

The latest report seems to avail winning edge in favour of Democrats’ Donald Trump regarding an order by Justice Samuel Alito on alleged fraudulent claims in Pennsylvania.

The US Supreme Court Alito, according to reports ordered that ballots received by the officials at 8 PM on the election day be separated and secured.

He also charged to keep separately the counted numbers received.

The decision was reached following a petition of alleged large manipulation recorded in the state.

He noted on Saturday, neither the PA GOP (applicant ) nor Secretary has been able to verify compliance with Secretary’s guidelines.

Meanwhile, US has deployed troopers to twelve states over the support of fraud by electoral personnel.

Over 24 thousand men of the National Guard, according to the US ex-Department of States Official, Dr. Steve Pieczenick on Friday evening, were secretly sent to both Texas, Washington, Arizona, etc to fish out criminals counting illegal votes.

Speaking with Owen Shroyerof the InfoWar TV revealed that ballots were sophisticatedly encrypted with ‘QFS BlockChain Codes’ watermarks.

The watermarked votes separate the illegal votes which Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and allies of the Democrats planned to rig the election.



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