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Truck attacked by ‘revenue touts’ crashes into church’s fence in Abia

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A truck on Thursday crashed into a church fence at Azikiwe Road, Umuahia, in Abia State as a revenue taskforce crew strived for custody of the vehicle with the driver.

The “revenue touts” had proceeded to oppress drivers despite the ruling of the Abia state government prohibiting revenue touting.

The Abia “revenue touts” who endowed the tag of one of the local government areas may have tailed the driver from the Aba road end as he drifted into Azikiwe road.

The revenue touts who were in an unmarked bus abandoned the truck and fled in different directions, as soon as the truck smashed into the church fence.

A source said;  “The touts struggled for control of the truck with the driver. They jumped into the truck, beating the driver who continued to resist them until he was overpowered and the truck crashed into the fence of the church.

Despite the ban placed by the government on these touts, they keep appearing daily since there’s no one inspecting their activities. Deliberately oppressing and extorting money from motorists.

“The government has banned these touts but they keep coming out daily, harassing, and extorting money from motorists. Sometimes, they beat up motorists, I blame the government because even with the ban, the thugs operate freely with no one checking their activities.”

A police patrol team who was alerted to the event arrested one of the revenue touts while others fled.

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