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Tonto’s Boyfriend exposed her, chase different girls behind Dike in leaked Audio (Listen)

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Tonto Dike Nigeria’s popular actress may be on the verge of calling off her newly found relationship after a tough time with her ex-husband, Churchill.

A viral tape having the voice of her recently celebrated boyfriend Prince Kokpogiri, in what appears to be a lengthy phone conversation with another lady.

The new Prince, in the viral voice retrieved by #Scannews24 engaged in changing Young girls for fun within different cities.

He bragged about cheating on the actress severally without being traced and even had a stand in his home while Tonto was busy upstairs.

The controversial audio tape which has prompted discussion, argument on different social tools indicated Prince Kokpogiri hated some parts of Dike’s lifestyle believed to have caused current damage.

He revealed that Tonto engages in smoking which is practically against his way of life and has no plan to stop anytime soon.

Despite the trending clip is known of the spouse has made a public position regarding the revealing voice record.

Nigerian celebrities have been hit with a family crisis leading to divorce. In space of three weeks, top musicians, Poul of Psquare, Turface, and Nedu of Wazobia FM, are currently managing relationship issues with their wives.

Fans and people they stand to be their role models are keenly watching expecting what would be the outcome of the crisis mainly between Prince Kokpogiri and Tonto. Listen



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