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Thugs Attack: NLC Gives Workers, Foreign Partners Order To Redicule Ngige

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has asked workers in the country’s airports and those in the 163 countries that are members of the International Trade Union (ITU) confederation to help the body Chris Ngige, the labour minister.

The NLC asked that the minister be ridiculed for allegedly inviting thugs to beat up workers who were on what it called a lawful protest to Ngige’s house.

The Nation reports that the decision of the NLC was reached after its Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting in the evening of Thursday, May 9, as the organisation demanded for an unreserved apology from Ngige over the beating of its members.

The NLC also called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to reappointed Ngige as minister in the next cabinet.

Comrade Ayuba Wabba, president of the NLC, told journalists that the minister’s alleged action was a clear indication that he was not fit to occupy public office and should therefore not be reappoint to government.

According to him, Ngige had no right to change the appointment made by Buhari on the excuse that he never recommended Chief Frank Kokori to head the NSITF board.

The NLC said Ngige did not want Kokori simply because the labour leader cannot be compromised.

“Ngige is a public officer, holding public office. Untill he leaves office, even his house is a public place. Even presidents of the world have been picketed in their houses. In any case, we did not access his house. We were only on the street.

“In any case, he has abandoned his office and has been operating from his house. The house has been his second office for some times now and he has been avoiding any place where he will come in contact with us,” Wabba said.

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