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Threat To Crush IPOB members: Nigerians react, accused security heads of double standard

“I dnt understand again o. How can u threaten me because i decided to stay at home. Is it ur home? Asked Adigun Ibrahim Adedotun

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Nigerians has shared their displeasure on social media following threat statement made by Nigeria security heads in Owerri to ‘crush’ the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB members on the sit-at-home order given to members

IPOB earlier announced to have a one day strike, 14 September 2018, to remember their dead members killed on 14 Separate 2017 during Nigerian military exercise, Operation Python Dance 2, held in Afarakwu Ibeku, Umuahia, the community of the IPOB leader, Prince Nnamdi Kanu.

According to the statement signed by IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the sit at home is to restrict members of IPOB, lovers of freedom from their business for one day. During these hours, prayer procession will be embarked to commit the souls of the victims to God.

According to PUNCH: “[themify_quote]

Those who said they were ready to confront the IPOB members were the state Commissioner of Police, Dasuki Galadanchi, and the Brigadier Commander, 34 Artillery Brigade, Obinze-Owerri, HI Bature”

“Other heads of security agencies who made the vow were those of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps; Nigeria Immigration Service; Air Force, among others”

Pulled comments from different social platforms captured displayed anger of Nigeria

Maria Fashagba Popoola
Pls don’t cause trouble that day ooo, so that you will not be a victim of their Python dance. I have seen the names of all the security chiefs ooo, don’t waste your life ooo, people of Biafra the land of the rising sun. Let your stay at home be stay at home . I have said my own

Adigun Ibrahim Adedotun
I dnt understand again o. How can u threaten me because i decided to stay at home. Is it ur home?

Bamidele Ogundipe
I can see there is more to this IPOB of a thing cos, Security agency quick attend to ipob when ever they plan to do anything yet miscreants in form of herdsmen are killing people in the north and nothing tangible has been done by security agency so far

Chukwuma Laz Ekwedike
All these threats of crushing makes these order always successfully. Many will not come out because of the fear of unknown. FG should use wisdom in handling of these IPOB issue because they always end up advertising them. I first heard of Nnamdi Kanu, Radio Biafra and IPOB from FG.

Oluwayemi Benson
Typical sensationalising an innocuous situation to gain applause from gullible citizens that they are protecting lives and properties. Our security agencies are unprofessional at best. Why would they when all they have in their rank are occupational soldiers, police driven by unemployment and hunger? People who dont know what the rule of engagement is. It is pathetic. I don’t support IPOB, but, again their activities is not harmful provided they are not bearing arms against the innocent citizens. We have the endless herdsmen scourge and bokoharam that have destroyed a lot of innocent lives and properties and now all this energy are deployed to tame harmless group? No, this is unacceptable.

Ibrahim Seidu
Please what is the excess of sitting at home on that day and come out the next day,why not sit at home for 6 month or year to show that you guys are serious

Chuks Amadi
Please, IPOB, don’t expose yourselves to the trigger-happy security operatives of the Nigerian government. Sit n stay indoors – effectively, let them come into your house and drag you out. Your sit – at- home order always record success and that is a strong statement. They flee from the Boko Haram and want to exercise maximum show of strength when it comes to anything in the South East.

Alao Fernandez
Nigerian security have become a laughing stocks in the world, with their unprofessional tactics and statements, all i know IPOB is more fearful to them than boko haram who are killing them in large numbers every day, i believe with time BIAFRANS will get their freedom

Andrew Kolawole Abass
Am just see name like Bature, Galachina, MusA, but in war front u see Joshua, Chinedu. Nigeria is a complete scam. If igbo want freedom Allow them to go.

Nwafor Henry Chibuike
We should honor our beloved brothers and sisters who were slaughtered by Nigerian security forces because of just course they’re pursuing aimlessly, some security agents use innocent life to learn how to kill, I told my workers stay at home on Friday .although am not a member of IPOB but every south easternian and south southerian suffers maltreatment from Nigeria government and fellows like ipob decided to agitate for our right and many were openly and secretly killed by those made to protect them ,sacrificing one day is easier than ultimate sacrifice

Elder Nosa Nosa
The Nigeria security talk like lion when it comes about IPOB but very weak and fearfully understand they are not lion but rats under boko haram and herdsmen..when you all the time push the goats to the wall because he have no teeth one day he would raise and fight you back with God given talent

Uchechukwu Mezue
I want to stay in my home, not disturbing even my neighbours and some mindless hausa/ fulani fools in the name of security agency are also threatening me.Boko haram and herdsmen are killing in hundreds yet no formal press release from any arm of government.The end is coming nearer.

George Chuks Amadi
Please, IPOB, don’t expose yourselves to the trigger-happy security operatives of the Nigerian government. Sit n stay indoors – effectively, let them come into your house and drag you out. Your sit – at- home order always record success and that is a strong statement. They flee from the Boko Haram and want to exercise maximum show of strength when it comes to anything in the South East.

Odogwu Akataka
Where will you see them to crush at home or on the street making trouble. Nigeria security use ur sense this guy’s are seating at home enjoying themselves you too should go seat at home and rest cost street will be peaceful that day

Ezinma Osinachi
It’s much expected from unprofessional security chiefs who are yet to recapture borno state because bokoharam boys are decimating them in their numbers on daily basis……no applause for you by crushing civilian ipob without arms

Martyns Darlyn
Since they only sit at home and nobody will die, please let’s forget about it, let’s these security chiefs mobilise and go to North where people are been killed on a daily basis. They sit at home and no loss of life and property.

Uchenna Ifeanyi Chijioke
In the zoo called niGERIa, people protect themselves from those that are meant to protect them.

Evaristus Obinna
so if I dey my house u coming crush me?well na coding and tramerdol wey u take dey catch u.

Abdul Sambo
Ok na go to their houses and kill them if you think sit at home is an offence

Engr Sunniyke Capstone
You are not ashamed of yourself, that up till now you have not “technically” crushed your members, herdsmen and boko Haram. You only becomes almighty Hitler when ever you see the harmless IPOB. They will continue to be thorns in your flesh!!!

Ada Ada Ada
Go and grush Boko haram as they are waiting for you and not harmless Biafra youths who are demanding for freedom ooooooo ooooooo oooooGod dey ooo ooooooo

Alukwe Emmanuel
Security chiefs should go and crush Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists that goes around killing people, than planing to attack peaceful citizens.
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Oseghale Humphery
People said, they re sitting at home on the 14th of September, u dey vow to deal with dem, go ND force them out of their homes no, animals Wey no wan buy sense.

Comradé Chinedu Sylvester
Someone should please tell the Security Thieves, sorry Chiefs that Boko Haram just attacked another military formation making it two in just 4 days. Killing soldiers and cathing away military equipments.

Today, Boko Haram is not just occupying towns in Bornu State but Local Government.

Please they should crush Boko Haram that have killed our soldiers in hundreds and let IPOB be.
We will seat at Home whether Security Thieves want it or not

Joachim Chiedozie
Nemesis will always catch them as they plan evil against unarmed ipob , Nigeria security combat only showcase their readiness to war whenever IPOB plan for a program . the wrought of God will continue visit the house of Pharaoh and his households (service chiefs and there sponsor’s , supporters) .

Phelix Phreemind
Lols why won’t they vow. When boko haram has also vowed to crush them. Its in the hands of armless protesters they are strong when those who are killing their people are wiping them out like flood

Nwodo I’ve Any I
IPOB is the indigenous peoples of Biafra who are asking for freedom with no gun no knife the government holding Nnmdi kanu is just a delay tactics because it did not start from Nnamdi kanu it started from Emeka Odumegwu Ogukwu the persecutors both the tyrants are afraid of IPOB allow referendum and that’s the way to freedom of Biafrans we are all over the world your wishful thinking can’t crush IPOB be on the notice

Ayoyinka Gabriel Akanbi
Instead of using that energy on unarmed group, why not use it on boko haram. Why disturb the sit at home order that’s not disrupting the peace of the nation. The military should add the force they’ve gathered to crush ipob to the force that is not enough to crush boko haram.

Ota Mekax
Let me tell you guys that said Muslims are dangerous is a lie just that we Christians are good loving people we don’t like violence and we don’t practice it now they have public holidays in a year now biafrans have chose their own if we carry arms do you think Nigeria will remain.

Tsenpet Bless Martinz
Here we are in Jos,constant killings including all military apparatus, they can’t do nothing,it’s only IPOD they have edge over.. Disgusting

John Ojonugwa Benjamin
ipob you better don’t let security agency loose thire anger on you guys,i believed you see how boko haram are killing soldiers be careful and remain calm ooo.

Paul Ekele
Why crushing them?. Let them sit at home for a month provided they don’t cause havoc or initiate violence. After all, they are mostly traders..

Solomon Upiopio
What has that got to do with the police, people will decide either to follow or not, this shows that there’s a hidden agenda

Tony Eze Festus
Naija security chiefs that cannot battle boko haram, fulani herdsmen nd many others want to crush unarmed nd peaceful IPOB, WHAT A SHAMEFUL THING

Chima Obi
this why they are failures when it comes to confronting ordinary security challenges just see the way herdsmen and bokoharam are killing them like chickens
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Hadex Thompson
Security chiefs vow to crush IPOB over sit-at-home oder, so my question, what happened when boko haram took over about 4 Amy Barack’s few days ago and still holding on to it where were security chiefs and their soldier doing to take the Barack back from BH, my take, Empty stomach does not have any religions feed your soldiers first and think about IPOB later morons

Ubong Robert
Since they like seating at home federal government should allow them so far as it didn’t affect the price of garri in the market.

Johnson Nleanya Obasi
They are cowards. Boko Haram is taking over villages in the North East, killing military men. They only have power over armless, peaceful IPOB.


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