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This Cannot Be Your Best, Mr. President, By Ahmed Oluwasanjo

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Not many thought that Danjuma could publicly criticise a government headed by his longtime ally, President Muhammadu Buhari, who he has consistently supported over the years.

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Danjuma’s outburst was termed lowly and uncivil in some quarters. But Buhari himself has re-echoed Danjuma’s stance by default. He has asked the citizens he swore an oath to protect to look elsewhere for the protection of their lives and property, because he has done his “best” as their commander-in-chief.

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Speaking recently at the Plateau State government house, while paying a condolence visit to victims of the herdsmen’s terror, which claimed the lives of over a hundred persons, Buhari, who admitted that he was fully aware of the security challenge in the country before he came to office, said:

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“Nobody can say that we haven’t done well in terms of security, we have done our best, but the way this situation is now, we can only pray… Leaders at all level must have control over there people in their respective constituencies”.

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Unpacking Buhari’s statement could land one in depression in that Buhari did not only make himself a biased judge in his own case, he sounded very much like a leader whose humanity has been compromised by the famous demons inhabiting the crevices of Aso Rock.

The Buhari who invoked the lack of safety of Nigerians in 2015, pleading to be voted for to salvage Nigeria from the hands of terrorist, could not have missed the still warm mass graves and gory pictures of children, women, and men murdered by herdsmen right under his watch and still say that his government has done well in terms of the provision of security to the populace. Only a Buhari intoxicated by the pleasures of Aso Villa and the lies from the lips of toadies would do that.

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