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They’re using divide and rule against Igbos in Nigeria – Sudanese Captain

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Sudanese National Television discussed the 50 years of Biafra after the civil war with Nigeria.

The speakers during the discussion on their amlive programme said “Nigeria as a nation has substantive and significant progress from Biafra to where we were. And there is a fairly good understanding that Nigeria will not elect an Igbo for a president that is being tried in many of the polls in the past.

He noted that “the Igbos are settled with the fact. They are very good business people. In fact, they are calling themselves the Jewish of Africa.

“They very independent. They are a very strong group of people. They are very expressive. They everywhere in the world. They are very adventurous.

“Most of my friends in America are Igbos. They are very high in terms of technology, medicine, education, everything.

They have a big stake in Nigeria if it fails”

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