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The Western Togoland region of Ghana declares sovereignty

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Ghana’s eastern region reportedly has announced itself as an independent country. The area often called Western Togoland has had secessionist tries previously.

The national media reports that the agitators are carrying three law enforcement officials, hostage, together with a District Commander, and fired on two police stations. Before the siege, the group was said to break into an arsenal and stole weapons.

“This is a very serious situation because just a few weeks ago we saw [what happened] when they mounted signs along the major roads welcoming people into the Western Togoland State,” an area resident notified DW.

“Blocking the roads with heaps of sand, burning tyres [and] even holding security personnel hostage.”

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Recall different groups in Nigeria are also clamouring for their independent states citing lopsided appointment, insecurity, corruption and bad governance.

Recently, Yoruba and Igbo groups, Oduduwa and Biafra resolved to pull out from the 1914 amalgamation.

The dual, in press statements, warned supporters to steer clear Nigeria’s anniversary celebration on October 1, marking sixty years of independence from British Colonial rule.

Both agitating groups will stay indoors to observe the country’s “low-key” event. However, the Yoruba counterparts in diaspora are said to hold rallies in different locations.

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