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These are igbos of Equatorial Guinea, but the igbos of Nigeria do not want to talk about them, many of u dont even know we have Igbos in Equatorial guinea, because they are poor, because they not Israel.

The Igbo as officially declared by the government of Equatorial Guinea is third largest after the Fang and Bubi tribes, and occupies a small area in Bioko, their communities are small compared to Bubi and Fang. Majority of them migrated to Bioko from Arochukwu Abia state.

Check report 2012 in Bioko

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‘The Igbo of Equatorial Guinea, numbering 33,500, are No Longer unreached. They are part of the Igbo people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African affinity bloc, this group, though a minority of people rank third largest in Equatorial Guinea, a country with total population of 1.2Million people. Their primary language is Igbo. The primary religion practiced by the Igbo is marginal Christianity, a form of religion with roots in Christianity but not theologically Christianity”, they are Traditionalists and custodians of Culture.

If u are a good and unbiased researcher, this questions may guild u.
Are this people older than us or are we older than them?

Did we migrate from there or is the reverse the case? If they left from from Arochukwu, what did they leave with? why did they leave? How come no one is talking about them?

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