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The Big Question: Why the troops, heavy armoury in the South East?

This is not the first time troops and heavy amoury have been deployed to the SE and SS. The question remains “why?”. How can a country be moving its men and weapons far from the epicenter of where the so-called war against terrorism is being fought?

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After the COAS recently asked people of the SE and SS not to be alarmed at the recent mass deployment and movements of troops in those areas, there was an unconfirmed report of soldiers being seen around the precincts of the Enugu International Airport, the only international gateway in the SE.

This is not the first time troops and heavy amoury have been deployed to the SE and SS. The question remains “why?”. How can a country be moving its men and weapons far from the epicenter of where the so-called war against terrorism is being fought? If it is true that soldiers have been seen in or around the Enugu International Airport, one should be asking, why? What is in the offing? What is that security threat that the Enugu international Airport poses that other international airports do not pose that warrants the deployment of soldiers there?

Perhaps, I may be suffering from chronic paranoia but watching the trend of events since the return of Buhari to power, I think there is a murderous genocidal plot which will make Lucifer and the occupants of hell to shudder and cover their faces in horror. I, however, pray that I’m totally wrong on this. But each day I wake up with a near certainty that the noose around our necks are being drawn tighter in readiness for the final asphyxiation. May it be, i repeat, that I am totally wrong. May it be that my mind is playing some silly joke on me.

But anyone who looks closely cannot but notice that we are gradually being encircled. Look at our cities and towns. You will see hundreds of mostly non-nigerian young men often huddled together in different locations. Although some appear to be Okada riders but most are idle. Who are these young men and how do they survive without any visible source of income? You only need to be a little observant to realize what I’m saying. There’s no longer any doubt that our forests have been taken over by so-called fulani herdsmen. They are not herdsmen but terrorists and trained fighters.

Now, soldiers and military equipment are continually deployed to the SE and SS where there is no military conflict. And to darken the narrative, most of these soldiers are of the northern-moslem extraction. Their southern colleagues are continually sent to sambisa forest where they are mercilessly killed, thus effectively depleting the fighting capacity of the South.

Put all these together and draw your own conclusioms: sleeper cells in many villages, towns, and cities; many forests taken over by terrorist fighters, and the soldiers taking over strategic places inside the towns and cities, all the security apparatus in the hands of a single ethnoreligious groups, etc. Are all these casual? I strongly doubt it. I believe that Buhari and His men are preparing a Genocide that will make Rwandan Genocide look like a picnic or Hitler’s Genocide against the Jews appear to me a child’s play. I fear a great evil is looming and so many of us seem totally oblivious or downright skeptical.

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Imagine for a second if a genocide breaks out, it is going to be simultaneous in every place. There will be no place to run to. The sleeper cells are located in different parts of the towns and cities so you can’t move from one location to another. If you manage to escape from the town and city, disaster will be waiting for you in the highways. Which of the highways are safe? You have terrorists camped in nearby bushes. The roads are already so bad and clogged, so imagine thousands of cars clogged on the Lagos-Benin-Asaba Road or Abuja-Lokoja-Nsukka Road? (You can now understand why there are no East-West or North-East Rail lines). One cannot take refuge in the wild forests because you have the Fulani fighters waiting patiently there. Now the circle seem to be closed with soldiers taking over Enugu Airport. It means that even if you can afford to fly out you cannot. All contact with the outside world will be effectively cut off. One cannot even escape from the sea because soldiers have been deployed also to the SS. The war in Southern Cameroon removes that as a possible escape route. Are we not encircled?

Like i said, this narrative or scenario which I’ve just painted may seem like the imagination of a troubled or mischievous mind trying to sow fear in the minds of Nigerians and Easterners in particular. I would rather be a thousand times wrong than that a tiny fraction of what I have described come to pass.

But we need to be very attentive and watchful. Several actions of this government have repeatedly pointed to the fact that this government is up to no good. In fact, only God alone knows the full extent of the Evil this government has up its sleeves. While we carry on our daily tasks we must be very observant and prayerful for I believe that only God can thwart the diabolic plans of Buhari and his Jihadists. Meanwhile, we need to examine closely every action that is taken and ask questions however hard and unpleasant they may be: Why are soldiers being deployed to the SE and SS? What are soldiers doing around the princinct of the only international Airport in the SE? Why is it that even months into his second tenure all the service chiefs are still Moslems of northern extractions? Why have soldiers not been deployed to the bushes to flush out the so-called Herdsmen maiming, killing and kidnapping Nigerians? Why is the Govt bent on forcefully resetting foreign Fulani moslems in the South in the name of RUGA? There are too many whys of which the answers seem to point to one thing: a devious plan by Buhari and His Jihadists to wipe out entire peoples and establish a reign of terror. We must begin to find ways to at least mitigate this evil even if we cannot completely stop it.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

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By Fr. Emeka Nwosuh, OP

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