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Tension as Visitors are barred from federal secretariat

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Amid concern of a looming Boko Haram attack within the Federal Capital Territory, guests had been prevented from coming into the Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase I situated within the Three Arms Zones, Abuja.

In accordance PUNCH Correspondent who oversaw events in entrance of one of many gates for about 30 minutes on Friday, noticed that men of the Nigerian Legion in addition to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps were observed making sure that only civil servants with identification cards were permitted entry onto the premises.

The safety crew were additionally noticed turning back those with out credible ID cards, referring them to a notice on the wall of the gatehouse on the necessity to toughen security.

The warning instructed that individuals without ID cards not be permitted onto the premises, while also prohibiting hawking in entrance of the complex.

Hawkers of fruits, recharge cards and snacks and Cobblers were keen on selling their wares in exit of the complex.

However, attacks have been recorded in Akwa Ibom and Rivers, checkpoints, security facilities said to have been destroyed by gunmen in the early hours of Saturday. Seven officers were feared dead.

confirmed report said six corps were slain in Akwa Ibom and station burnt.

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