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Tension as contaminated Casket used for Abba Kyari still missing without a trace

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The casket where the remains of late Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari was removed has been reported missing a few days after a private burial and prayer were conducted in Gudu Cemetery, Abuja.

According to Islamic demand, the Chief of Staff to President Mohammadu Buhari could not be buried with a casket, even grave will not extend to six feet.

Kyari, was on 18 of April 2020 buried amidst tears, sorrow after contracting COVID-19 from a business deal in Germany.

He was in Germany earlier before the outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria to cement contract with Siemens company to stabilize electricity supply.

Kyari, who served the government of Buhari for the second term from 2015 arrived the country, attend several occasions and public events before being confirmed positive to the deadly virus.

The announcement brought tension across all boards of power including National Assembly members, National Executive members Families and many who came in contact with him before being declared position to COVID-19.

Regarding the state of Health facilities in Nigeria, Kyari’s deteriorating health could not be apprehended as many hospitals exercised trials, from Abuja to Lagos.

Three weeks later, an update of Abba Kyari was not forthcoming not until the evening of 17 night to break into 18 April, the Special Spokesman to the President, Femi Adesina in a social message announced heartbreaking news.

According to Adesina, Kyari died 17 April 202 and the hospital was not disclosed at the moment till later days by the Lagos State Government.

In a viral video which one of the Cemetery security personnel granted media coverage noted that the casket after the burial was taken to safer place waiting to be burnt but unfortunately it could not be reached.

He said no hint to aide trace of the missing casket which was undoubtedly contaminated with a killer virus, COVID-19.

Nigeria can not afford to risk more escalation of COVID-19 cases if the infected casket can not located for destruction.

SCANNEWS24 had reported unknown man who graced funeral of the late Chief of Staff and participated in sensitive activities during the laying of the corpse wrongly disposed a contaminated COVID-19 protective cloth. 

In a viral video, the aforementioned man off his cloths, bag it in a nylon and drove off with his vehicle.

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