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Speed Darlington warn fans, revealed kind of Biafra he want

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Igbo born Musician, popularly referred to as Akpi, Speed Darlington has sparked media reaction following a sensitive comment dropped on his Instagram.

Replying with his handle, Akpidee (@Djcollydee) he revealed the kind of Biafra he would love to see among Igbo people.

The entertainer had picked on a fan to desist from bringing up MNK (Short for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) in his subsequent programme to avoid backlash.

His comment read: “I respect you as a fan but please don’t ever mention MNK in your broadcast if you don’t want a backlash.

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“MNK is a freedom fighter and you are an entertainer you are two different people do your job let him do his.

He continued, “I don’t like this statement but is your opinion. A person can be whatever he or she wants to be stop limiting yourself to one time he’s sacrificing for everyone.

Darlington that he would love a country with multilingual characterized with different cultures and marriage to make everyone appear interesting.

“But the fact is that I don’t want a country of just two languages or one language. I want different way of marriage and cultures is what makes everybody interesting all of us have different type of masquerade these differences makes us interesting.

“Even if we part ways with North I still don’t want a country of Igbo people only.

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