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Space Nation: UK Shutdown Pastor Tobi Adegboyega’s Church Over ‘£1.9m Fraud’

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SPAC Nation formally known as Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Church was reportedly shut down by the United Kingdom Government.

Based on gathered news, the London-based group was closed up after failing to account for over £1.87 million of outgoings and running without transparency.

The checks on Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, a 42-year-old Nigerian-born and founder began years back.

Mr. Tobi and Mariam Mbula one of the church’s spiritual leaders requested their parishioners to raise £100,000 weekly.

The church was finally taken over following the High Court verdict on June 9 before Judge Burton, UK’s Insolvency Service revealed in a statement on Friday.

The Official Receiver has been appointed as the liquidator of the company.

Burton’s led court learned that the SPAC Nation was incorporated in 2012 as a charity set up to advance Christianity.

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Though it earlier received positive reviews,

Regards positive reviews earlier which attracted media scrutiny noted allegations that former church members were financially exploited.

The Insolvency Service obtained complaints about SPAC Nation before initiating its own confidential enquiries into the church group’s activities.

The company’s director, Adedapo Olugbenga Adegboyega, also called Dapo Adegboyega or Pastor Dapo, was interviewed during the probe

The clergyman disclosed that the church group had over 2,000 members and 200 ordained ministers and pastors but declined to provide aiding information.

SPAC Nation neglected to comply or partially complied with statutory requirements, and providing data to aid purported donations, the UK government said.

“The company’s financial statements in the two years to 31 December 2019 set out £610,000 of rent expenditure.

“However, the company did not have a single base of its own and would hire venues across London to hold services, at a significant expense”, the Insolvency Service noted.

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