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Southern Kaduna residents may resort to self-defence – CAN

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The Christian Association of Nigeria notified that self-defense is likely to be the choice should the government fail to place a cease to the carnage of Christians in Southern Kaduna.

Samson Ayokunle, the President of CAN, stated this in a press release by Adebayo Oladeji, his Special Assistant (Media and Communications, tagged, ‘CAN calls for genuine intervention in the continuous murder in Southern Kaduna and other states in the North.’

In his words, “There is no doubt that the victims of these incessant assaults are indigenes of Kaduna State who are mostly Christians. Why is it the predominant Christian Southern Kaduna all the time? Don’t we have Northern Kaduna?

“We have no other people to look up to for security than those of you in government. That was one of the reasons we put you there for all of us.

“People should not be allowed to resort to self- help, but if this situation is not addressed, self- help might be the alternative because nobody would keep on watching for these nuisances to continue to be on the prowl and snuff life out of him or her.”

Based on the statement, regardless of assurances from Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, the state Governor, to bring culprits of the Southern Kaduna scandals to justice, “the state and security agencies involved in the maintenance of law and order have yet to fulfil their pledge.

He additionally stated  the government should restore its image by dealing with the continual murders and ethnic wars happening in Taraba State, the consistent herdsmen’s assaults on individuals of Benue State and the mindless banditry within the North-West.

The CAN president furthermore indicated sadness over a statement by the Presidency, which illustrated the bloodbath in Southern Kaduna as ‘politically motivated’.

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