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Southeast Catholic Bishops blasts FG for injustice, plan to crush defenceless people (Video)

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The Catholic Bishops on Tuesday released a statement on current security challenges affecting the people of Southeast and Nigerians at large.

The statement, through Most Rev Anthony J.V Obinna, from their Extra-Ordinary Onitsha Owerri Inter-Provincial Bishop’s Meeting takes a different angle in their position,

They condemned continued injustice displayed by security agents against some section of the country glove approach attributed to the rampaging killers of farmers within Southern communities.

They charge the federal government to bring a lasting solution to the unabated security issues being perpetrated by Herdsmen and bring perpetrators to book and also condemned the killing of fellow countrymen by aggrieved youths.

The statement read: The state of Nigeria in different parts of our country with so much violence, insecurity, and anxiety is a source of major concern to us that is why we have to have this meeting.

In the process, we have addressed a number of issues that are bordering which are part of the reason for the worrisome nature of our country today.

First of all, the injustice, the insecurity that is very noticeable at various levels of the government, and the high handedness with this government and security personnel approach to various segment of this nation that has a lot of public outcries, public dismay, disappointment, and in the light of this there are provocations and reactions from the people because they would want the government to respond to genuine needs and outcry of the people.

So, we come, speaking to you out people, and various levels of government across the nation, to see that this nation is in great danger unless we bring a new spirit, a new approach.

So, we challenge the government to look into security matters and restraint those who are using weapons of various sorts to intimidate people and to create this unrest. We expect a stoppage of the carnage that is taking place on farmlands in various locations.

We also challenge people at large to recognize that every human life is sacred and as fellow citizens, we need to cherish one another. Bring a spirit of respect, of mutual appreciation so as to minimize and eliminate the bad blood that is circulated in Nigeria that has created this sense of dismal in our country.

God created us, made us to live as a great country but as it is now this country is a source of dismal across.

We look forward, we rely on God to direct us to our noble path in this nation.

On his part, Most Rev Val Okeke stated: It is good to note that the lopsidedness of application of justice by the government is worrisome. For example, the government has found it necessary to disarm those who are struggling for self-defence while leaving those armed Herdsmen, bandits, and what have you who are mesmerizing, killing, maiming and destroying people instead of addressing the source of the problems, addressing the cries of the people they are crushing those who are crying.

The government should be fair in their dealings with the people. We rely on God who never fails. We call on all women and men of goodwill to continue to pray, nothing is impossible with God. Do not be afraid, God will deliver us”


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