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So much prayer can’t move Africa forward but sound decision, Pastor warns Africans

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A viral video message shared by a Facebook client, Bheki Zulu, delivered by Bishop Tudor Bismark has kept social media ablaze.

The pastor who was spotted in one of his programmes years ago warned Africans and their leaders to stop wasting in the idea that too much prayer brings success.

The man of God who queried why Africans, as poor they appear, hungry, sleep in Church, all praying, said prayer is in the equation of revelation, and success is in the decision making equation.

Said churches are full, people are praising God, Africans are praying all nights, said Africans needs to make a decision and be sound and not so much prayer.

He said we have to be disciplined to go get what called had called us to get, noting that you can be following the holy ghost and still be ignorance.

He said is time to stand up and be counted, warned that Africa is ageing said Ghana is above 50 years.

He noted that self career is by nature and not by a Christian nation.


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