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Shutdown irresponsible offices, reduce number of convoy – Peter Obi to Leaders

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The former governor of Anambra State has called on Nigerian political of holders to take another look at the cost of governance to meet up with the little the country has.

Obi, who was PDP’s 2019 presidential running mate decried lavish spending at all corridors of power, from local to federal governments without considering the state of the economy.

The former governor, who was entertaining questions by some journalists concerning the elapsed tenure of Service Chiefs, said he believed in building a better place with the little available.

He, also noted that no country has enough funds to execute all they need but cutting down the cost of governance will allow achieving our goal.

He maintained that during his period as a governor of Anambra State, he never owed pension, salary, gratuity, or any contractor yet he left over seventy billion nairas (N70b) in the state account and did not print money.

Obi advised Nigerian leaders to shut down irresponsible offices, reduce the number of convoys attached to state governors mainly the government of Willie Obiano, noting that he did same and lived a normal life.

He queried why Obiano would have a lodge in Abuja and travel with thirty people from Anambra State to Abuja, noting that no one will hurt him if he also chooses to travel with people carrying gun all over the places.


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