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Shocking: Parents watch kids dance adult moves in school party (Video)

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The declaration of the Bible seems to be coming into fulfillment regarding indications that would mean the world comes to end. The book of value principles and moral rights had noted fake prophets and unusual occurrences as one of the signs.

A surfaced footage has shown a funny graduation event involving parents and children wrongly entertained the guests.

The circulating video which the source is yet to be ascertained displays a yet to be identified school children dancing in the company of their mates and parents (women) an Akwana Atashi moves.

The kids publicly chose opposite s3x mates, gum behind their buttock exercising intercourse movement. While they dance, some suspended their legs upwards and keep pushing their waist.

You would agree similar music are typically seems danced among male and female adults mainly within party arenas. However, the song trended widely in Africa particularly Ghana and Nigeria has been heavily criticised by religious fanatics.

The retrieved clip has prompted condemnation by viewers on social media blasting the women expected to have conducted the children rather than enjoying the immoral and unethical display witnessed in a school graduation party. Video

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