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Shocking as Man Dug His Grave, Raised monument, Celebrates Burial Before His Death

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In what many could portray as unusual and strange, Clement Usoro, a Nigerian man has given a unique perspective on life and loss of life after erecting his grave and even commemorating his interments ahead of his death.

Usoro, who is at his 73-year-old, based on an interview granted to BBC Pidgin, mentioned he made the basic preparations for his demise three years ago when he celebrated his 70th birthday anniversary.

In accordance with the septuagenarian, he has additionally put down his wills. Usoro, nevertheless, stated he keeps revising it to “keep up with time.”

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Partly his words: “I’ve written my will and will continuously update it to keep up with time. I’ve built my grave. It’s a 9 by 9 ft deep grave. I’ve also constructed a mausoleum around it,” Usoro mentioned.

He revealed a friend of his accompanied him to site where he purchased a coffin and also choose one he likes.

Continued: “As somebody who’s a chief, there are things you have to do before you die or they do after you die” he added.

Chief Usoro additionally uncovered that he has given money the required rites to his fellow chiefs, including “cow” in order that his kids will know what to bother about after his demise.

The 73-year-old noted he doesn’t need his household to do a procession when passes away, adding an occasion, celebrating his loss of life is a “waste of time and cash.”

He additionally pointed out he has instructed his children to lay him to rest three days after his pass out.

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