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Shock as School Teacher demonstrates use of computer, mouse with stone (video)

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A viral video believed to had emanated from Africa shows a secondary school teacher demonstrating the use of a computer, Mouse with a stone.

The video retrieved by Scannews 24 showed a young man believed to be a computer teacher taking on several children on uniform arranged with a series of Stones on their desk.

The circulating video has sparked social media users talking, condemned African leaders, questioned how and when the continent develop when youths are left with no modern facilities to learn.

African countries, mainly Nigeria, is bereaved of contemporary technological know-how to compete with their counterparts.

Recall that Nigerians recently descended on National Television Authority (NTA) following poor football coverage during last friendly match between the Benin Republic and Nigerian Eagles.

The match, as seen, was covered with one-stand alone video as against the 360° angle of the pitch coupled with poor colour.

See Video:

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