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Shock as 17-year-old boy marries a 16-year-old girl in Anambra

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Somto and his youg wife

In a viral picture, a 17-year-old Anambra state boy reportedly tied the knot with his heart, said to be 16 years old in a traditional marriage in Nnewi.

According to Ananaedo, an online blog said Somto, who hails from Nwachukwu family in Okofia village, Otolo Nnewi and last child of his parents, recently dropped out of school and insisted he wants to get married.

Considering continued pressure from the young boy, both parents accepted to allow him to accomplish his wish and sponsored a traditional marriage which was graced by a member of the public.

According to a close source, Somto, who is now enjoying his young marriage, is not the only son of his parents.

His eldest brother, according to reports, is a graduate who is currently working in a hospital in Anambra state.

The parents have successfully opened a retail shop for the couple after the blissful traditional marriage, to help take of themselves.

After the traditional marriage, the parents of Somto opened a retail shop for the couple to manage, possibly take care of themselves


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