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S3xtape: Is Kelly really one in the Video? (Watech) 

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As the day breaks, it comes with something to talk about and keep everyone busy either on social space or at the workplace. Kelly Bhadie, a popular Tiktok socialite makes headlines.

A particular video has surfaced online indicating the Tiktok dancer were involved in a carnal affair with a yet-to-be-disclosed person.

However, the viral fifteen seconds clip has since stirred reactions on social security. The majority of her fans believe the person portrayed in the footage is not @bhadie.kellyy. while other divides maintain she is the one. 

Hence, a close examination of the video shows Kelly is not the one as it may be targeted at denting her image.

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Kelly turned out to be the highest-watched dancer on TikTok including other platforms possibly because of her dancing style and body structure.

There have been a series of cross dancers recently from female folds dragging Kelly into competition yet her followers keep increasing.

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