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Rufai poses 10 questions to INEC plead to take away BVAS data, materials from Mahmood (Video)

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Rufai Oseni, the journalist with Arise New has made into the controversial access given to Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to reconfigure the machines, Bimodal Voter Accreditation System ahead of the rescheduled 18th March gubernatorial race.

Speaking in one of his programmes the journalist expressed disturbed that the electoral umpire chair, Mahmood Yakubu would still be in the custody of these sensitive items when he has displayed distrust.

He pleaded, for sake of mercy and love for the Nigerian people, the country should stop displaying democrazy before the international community.

In his words: INEC, Please for the love of the masses stop the cheap blackmail if they’re trying to blackmail us now with the elections.

Why is it that when people call their attention to the fact that there were flaws in the process, why didn’t they stop then to have rethink?

INEC should stop this cheap blackmail because they’re beginning to look suspect.

The damage is much already.

We don’t even know what people are saying about us in the international community.

I think it was the 79th election that made Fela release a song called Baba la nonsense – crazy demo, democrazy (demonstration of craze).

But the aide reality is that after 40 years after they’re still saying what Fela said that turned down democracy into a demonstration of craze.

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This same BVAS INEC wants to taper with, there’s empirical evidence that says “any attempt to reconfigure BVAS will disrupt all the information on it.

As we speak now, for the love of mercy, I think those materials should be taken away from the INEC and kept in a safe place.

Because I don’t trust the integrity of the INEC still having those BVAS materials in their custody as we speak. If we want to scrutinize the process.

Did INEC tell us they were going to upgrade the BVAS before now?

Were they not to stick with the old guidelines they put out?

Why do you need to reconfigure the BVAS?

Is it not the same voting register it will have and the same Polling Unit it was allocated to?

The same INEC wants to reconfigure have not told us what caused the technical glitch.

All of a sudden that said it is going to meet review has not come up with the review and now they are so quick to go to court to vary the hitherto given

People should not ‘pee’ on our back and then tell us it’s raining because we’re fast turning this democracy into a demonstration of craze.

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