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Roaming Cows Causes Fatal Accident in Abuja (Video)

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Nigerians are left with shocking surprise after a clip surfaced on media indicating the moment cows on loose roaming on streets believed to be somewhere Abuja caused an accident.

The motorists who ran out of ideas to help the ugly situation were steering helplessly as the two cows walk through the center of the highway weaving from left to right.

A driver and a passenger taking record of the regrettable incident could speak to the camera ‘see the cows just caused accident now’ while both animals on loose ran with no rearer controlling them.

From all indications, two vehicles were spotted broke down on the major road with an abashed front bomber, the other a side tyre.

This is coming as Southern states including Enugu in the country are submitting bills against open grazing and movement of cattle on road.

The federal government is in efforts to help the long abated issues with ranching which has received commendable response from the North while their Southern counterpart still deliberating on the policy except Imo state taking the pilot lead in the Southeast.

Consequently, the Leadership of the Cattle Breeders Association, Miyetti Allah keeps challenging the ban on open grazing posed to ignore the policy.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have challenged the government’s mapped-out funds for ranching plan, describing the Herders’ rearing activity as a private business. Watch

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