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Rivers VAT Receipt: Wike gives condition to those destroying alcohol

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States which have a tendency for damaging alcoholic drinks can now not benefit from the dividends of Rivers state Value Added Tax (VAT), governor Nyesom Wike has stated.

Talking throughout a statewide broadcast after the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) neglect to protect a stay-of-execution to prevent Rivers from gathering VAT from companies within the state, Mr. Wike indicated his success would affect states with poor revenue.

Rivers is known to be the second-highest Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in 2020, in keeping with a report retrieved from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The Governor hurled a quick swipe at northern states whose claim to be operated by Sharia regulation has witnessed the loss of tens of millions from the wreckage of alcoholic drinks, whereas these states share in VAT from alcohol consumption from other states.

Wike stated he was aware that the Rivers state government resolution to obtain VAT would result in misfortunes for a few of these Sharia-compliant states.

“Naturally, states with ethically restrictive social policies with financial implications may be adversely affected for now,” Mr. Wike mentioned.

Through the years, the Hisbah police (enforcers of Sharia regulation) has continued to raze hundreds of thousands of bottles and cans of alcoholic drinks considered a sin in Islam.

According to John Simon, the Kano-based distributor of alcoholic drinks complained how he lost over N35 million to the Hisbah police after they destroyed hundreds of his alcoholic drinks in November last year, Punch reports

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