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Rihanna insists on being Igbo, revealed why she rejected Nigeria

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Popular music superstar, Rihanna has further stressed why she failed to include Nigeria in her statement declaring her origin and place of birth.

The legendary musician had earlier explained that her biological parent (mother) disclosed that Igbo is her ancestral homeland.

She never mentioned Nigeria.

Since the disclosure majority of Nigerians besieged her social media platform requesting to know why she ignored to include the country.

Defending, she said to be historically correct on what the mother uncovered concerning the origin.

She noted that there was no inclusion of Nigeria because as at the time the country was never in existence.

She maintained that those bashing at her on Facebook noting Igbo is in Nigeria were on their definition and not hers.

In her words: My mom and grandmother never knew Nigeria, that’s why my words were centered only on Igbo which is where am from.

We understand during the period of the slave trade majority of Africans were moved to European countries. Some are famous and having wealth.

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