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Rev Sisters play allegiance to Biafra, anticipate the restoration soon

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Reverend sisters have expressed joy over the pending restoration of Biafra sovereign state which is said is by the corner members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

In a viral video retrieved by SCANNEWS 24 captured some a few numbers of Sisters jubilating, and singing Biafra song in Igbo dialect.

The sisters who appeared in their white garments, in a closed-door room sang “Give us Biafra and in a short while we will make it a great country.

In a separate post, the deputy leader of the secessionist group, Uche Mefor has accused religious leaders in Nigeria of wicked.

He said following intensified onslaught on Christians and Muslims they are yet to conduct any protest to pass their grievances to the international community.

Also speaking during their morning programme, sunrise, Iyke Peters, the Radio Biafra anchor queried why the Christian leaders changed scheduled protest on 26th of February 2020.

He said the arrangement was changed due to suspicious dubious interest by one of their members, adding that the protest was to supposed to be nationwide but later restricted to Abuja alone.

He said carrying out such protest in only the federal territory will not make much impact compared to when it is out across all states in Nigeria.


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