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Residents lament as Bridge under construction collapsed in Enugu (watch)

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A Facebook client, Kenneth Obinna Anigbo has taken to social media what he tagged as ‘bad work’ after a pedestrian bridge, still under construction collapsed in Gariki, Enugu State.

The minute and shared on his timeline and retrieved by SCANNEWS24 showed some residents of Gariki besieged a construction site to see for themselves how a bridge, still undergoing construction could fall.

Obinna, who could not hold a second after the tragic incident, launched a live video coverage reporting the state governor to public.

He said “Enugu People are you seeing this. This a pedestrian bridge they are constructing for us in Gariki. While they were still building it collapsed. You have seen it.

“They a gathering back the concretes. A taboo has happened in our state. This is the type that will kill people after commission.

“They Enugu is God’s own State but look at it, bad work has taken over.

He confirmed no casualty was recorded.

Some of hos friends already reacting to the report revealed that some other bridges are standing the same fate.

Ogo D’Mora, who equally expressed shock noted that the bridge at Holy Ghost will soon collapse because of the obvious structural failure.

Chinyere Igwenagi added that the one at Ogbete, as she gathered, has cracked.

Just as Nigerians laments over the absence of basic infrastructures in the country, construction companies, by this indication, seem to be delivering poor job which may not stand a test of time and may as well endanger human lives.

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