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Residents flew, shun soldiers begging to tow trapped military Van in Southeast (Photo)

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Some residents have resorted to being unpatriotic in a country where love, peace, and unity seem to define their coexistence in 1914 amalgamated ‘One-Nigeria’.

A viral picture has depicted a seemingly bold line of discord between the civilians and the military.

Dwellers, passersby, traders and business people within the believed Enugu – Port-Harcourt expressway Aba had fled to tine air on Saturday when embattled soldiers approached them for possible assistance.

A military patrol vehicle plying the dilapidated Master Energy axis of Aba were to be trapped and every lone effort by the force men was not enough to pull it out.

Upon seeking assistance, the safety men could not see any even a youth or aged persons in the said busy area to extend assistance.

Realising the day movement has turned into a frustrating experience decided to walk around to houses, shops and other residential buildings to seek out help behold everyone was on their toes.

According to a close source revealed that everyone disappeared. And other people they met and pleaded for help vehemently declined.

This has since stirred a reaction among Nigerians condemning the actions of the neighborhood. Many persons have suggested this may turn out to be an avenue to deny the people and the area intensified security service.

While other conspiracy theories said they may carry out an offensive mission in the vicinity to pay them back in their coin.

However, a cross-section of commenters has commended the residents noting the unpatriotic display would show the masses are no longer satisfied with their actions.

You would recall Southern Nigeria had experienced several military exercises which allegedly melted pains, death on families. Particularly an exercise, Operation Python Dance during the first edition took the lives of innocent youths.

Again, Biafra agitation which is being pioneered by the largest portion of youths in the southeast has faced bloody clampdown by military personnel.

The group under the aegis of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), according to amnesty international, has lost over 300 protestors to the army’s brutality.

Reasons, why the people resorted to the ugly gesture, are what the governments at all levels should be given deep attention to avert the increasing belief the men of the force stand to be the ‘enemy’ than the other way round.

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