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Religious leaders major problem facing Nigeria in tackling Coronavirus – Health Watch

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Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor briefed Al-Jazeera INSIDE STORY on Challenges Nigeria is facing as one the populous countries handling COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

He said the major Challenges Nigerians are facing currently regards the outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic is tracing the contact of those cases within the country.

Another is religious leaders going on order clash with government directives availed to help curtail the life threatening virus.

He said most Churches and mosque despite directives still go on with church activities which brings major crowds together as against preventive measures.

He also added that some states are doing well in putting facilities ready while others still waiting for major outburst of COVID-19 pandemic.

He, however, assured that Nigeria will overcome no matter the population if only measures are strictly adhered to by both Federal, state and local governments.

Nsofor, is the Director of Policy and Advocacy, Nigeria Health Watch, and also Senior Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity, George Washington University.


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