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“Register as Biafrans in US Census, you’re not Nigerians” US-Based Rev Father tasks

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The United States’ based Reverend Father, Augustine Odimmagwa has called on ‘Biafrans’ residence in the US to participate in the ongoing US headcount as Biafrans.

In a viral video shared by Somto Okonkwo retrieved by SCANNEWS 24 tasks Biafrans who are residing in the country to register and tick Biafra as their country of race in census number nine (9), warning that they are not Nigerians.

He directed all to visit a provided online website, to participate without fear, noting that Nigeria can be filled as country of origin.

Explained that Nigeria is country of origin and not of race as may have Oduduwa, AREWA and others that made up Nigeria.

He further encouraged Ibibios, lower Benue, South-South, some parts of Kogi state like Ibibio, Anang, Idoma, Igbanke, Igala, Efik and Ijaws to feel free to participate and write on column 9 ‘Biafra’.

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