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Regina and Ned: The Old And New Fames

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Nwoko got his first degree in Law and History from the University of Keele in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, followed by King’s College London where he graduated with a Masters in Law. He got his honorary doctorate from the Commonwealth University College in Belize.



A known philantropist, Ned Nwoko served at the National Assembly from 1999 to 2003. Nwoko set up and maintained one of the leading law firms in the UK, where he claims to have practiced as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, also as a Senior Consultant with Ned Nwoko Solicitors engaged in management and verification of foreign debts of third world countries, and their component states. Nwoko is also the Chairman of Project Tourism Nigeria, a Nigerian government initiative aimed at advancing the country’s struggling entertainment and tourism industry.

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But his latest marriage to the baby Nollywood star – Regina Daniels appears to have eclipsed all his previous records and contributions. Majority of the people talking about him today may not know him beyond the hype about his marriage with the Nollywood prodigy.

The media hype and publicity that greeted his marriage with Regina Daniels got me thinking: could he be enjoying the hype? Which could he have prefered, – his old fame or the new fame? Then, there is another point to consider: how could a man who had played big in the world stage, dined with queens and kings, crossed great rivers, touched many lives by way of philantropsm etc yet did not become a household name. Not many people got to know him, suddenly, all that changed the moment he became Regina Daniels husband. The social media is buzzing, “Ned Nwoko” is on the lips of everybody. He is known and mentioned by all.

The overwhelming publicity he couldn’t get as a UK based lawyer, house of Representative member, senator elect, philanthropist etc, he has gotten by his association with a baby nollywood star born in 2001.

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