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Priest Resigns, opens Church for polygamous marriage give reason

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Rev. Barr. Ogbuchukwu Makuo Lotanna, the priest of Nnewi Anglican Diocese,  said to have just resigned from priesthood in the Anglican Diocese, with plans to back a movement that supports Polygamy.

In his stance, Polygamy is not bad. Mr Ogbuchukwu note he has taken his time to unravel the truth about Polygamy, which the Church hasstanding against for a very long time.

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The priest pointedly claimed that a divine mandate has been bestowed on him by God to start a movement in support of Polygamy called ‘Gideonites’ and that their place of worship will be called ‘Gideonites temple’.

Rev Ogbuchukwu who doubles as a legal practitioner further called on men to consider marrying their side chicks, instead of going around in search of different women who they’re not married to.

He added the move will help to reduce sexual sins.

Mr Ogbuchukwu consequently warned that God hates unnecessary divorce, and not Polygamy as generally preahed.

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