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President Buhari Petted Stones In Kano (Video)

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Indication of anger and unhappiness appears to be making youths uncomfortable and some are going out to take action against their perceived causes of pain just when the electoral day for the presidential race comes near.

According to a report majorly on national media platforms, President Mohammadu Buhari was on Monday during a working visit to Kano state, chased by youngsters.

A video in viral space depicts a number of mobs armed with sticks, Stones ran after a helicopter said to be conveying the president, casting towards it in the air.

Sighted pictorial evidence shows part of the chopper was affected.

Though, a section of the media, mainly from the government has refuted the clips, describing them as ‘fake’.

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Recall, this is not the first time Nigerian President, Buhari, would be attacked.

Reportedly, he was also attacked in Katsina a few weeks ago.

The APC-led government had urged Nigerians during 2015, and 2019 elections to cast Stones at them if they fail to deliver positively.

We understand Nigerians are currently groaning over untold hardship biting across poor homes in the country. Fuel, food, and electricity have not been within reach of poor people. Financial policies equally negatively affected people.




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