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Present day Africans cannot claim they were created by Almighty God – Nnamdi Kanu explains

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Commander of the South East regional vigilante body, Nnamdi Kanu has asserted African countries are not God’s creation.

Kanu said in a post on Facebook, Friday, noting that none African man with his wife toured 4,164.2 miles from the British Isles and named a country ‘Nigeria’ for “shameless, unthinking miserable souls”.

He said the singular act altered most recorded history of over 5,000 years, just in one night by a drunkard woman “all you can do is sit back and claim in your monumental ignorance that you are a proud Nigerian. You have NO iota of shame, honour, or dignity. Tufiakwa!”

Kanu, who is also the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) queried if any black can travel to Europe to create a country for them.

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He expressed worries that no effort has been made to correct what he described as a ‘sad tale’ despite level of education, intellect and wisdom. “What do you think your ancestors will make of your mind numbing ignorance?” He questioned.

The IPOB leader asserted that is evident Africans presently cannot be proud to say they are a creation of God than a mere make of European conquerors. “They are not the children of God, they are more like the children (slaves) of European kings and queens that created and named them despite their warped education”

He, however, remarked that Africans’ problem lies in their brain and reasoning because they “cannot articulate a way out of the mess European colonialism put us all In”.

Suggesting a way forward, Kanu said Africa needs to create genuine independence of ethnic nationalities from the artificial existing ‘neo-colonial enclaves’ called countries or nations in the continent.


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