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Pregnant Boy Dies 9 months After For Killing Pregnant Woman

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A young man is said to have lost his life at prime after suffering an internal disease referred to by community members as pregnancy.

According to a gathered story reported by several national media platforms, the young man in his early twenty-one (21) suffered from a stomach tumor for nine months.

The 21-year-old boy who hails from Okumbiri Community of Sagbama/Amatolo Local Government Area, Southern Ijaw, identified as Elder, was taken to several native and religious healers within the village yet no remedy was recorded.

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Based on a culled report, the continued situation got people worried to the point he was urged to confess any sin committed.

He was subsequently taken to deity at his father’s community (Okumbiri) as tradition demands, where he confessed, the retrieved report noted.

“He killed and cooked a pregnant woman with his gang and ate the soup like a dog. He also committed other numerous evils to mention, since, and has been roaming around the streets of the Amatolo community.

“He died in the late hours of last night, 9th of January 2023. Indeed the evil men do is living after them” the retrieved report stated.

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