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Policeman Broke Into Barber’s House, Stole N280,00 in Rivers

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A barber, who referred himself as Otighan Sam, has indicted a police officer with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Rivers State of invading his residence on Friday around 12 middle of the night.

He pointed out while narrating to PUNCH that the officer destroyed his properties, and made away with his N280,000.

The funny but serious event occurred at No 23 Nnewi Street, Mile 1 Diobu, Port Harcourt.

According to the report, Barber said he struggled to escape from the zealous Police personnel approached other residents to ascertain his apartment and cocked his gun.

Sam stated he noticed the SARS operative with two rifles; a pistol and an AK47, adding that he was escorted by two armed officers.

He explained that the policeman was most likely after him because he had earlier declined feed bills of drinks he (policeman) and a few of his colleagues consumed at a bar.

In his words, “A SARS officer armed with a pistol and an AK47, accompanied by two boys with machetes came to my house around 12 midnight, broke into my neighbours’ house and started beating him and asking where my room was.

“Upon seeing what was happening, I managed to run away as a result of the officer was actually drunk and was cocking his gun and threatening to shoot if they didn’t present him my room. When the officer and his boys obtained to my room, they ransacked your complete home, destroyed my properties, and took away my N280,000.

“The policeman’s name is Usman, my only offence was that I refused to pay for drinks he drank alongside his friends because I didn’t have money.”

The barber stated he had documented the incident to the Mile One Police Division and the indicated law enforcement agent was invited for questioning.

When called, Nnamdi Omoni, spokesperson for the police within the state, stated he was yet to be enlightened concerning the incident.

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