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Policeman accosts Suya Vendor selling Human Meat, raise alarm (Video)

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Policeman accosts Suya Vendor selling Human Meat, raise alerm (Video)


Yet to be identified Police officer said to have come across a slice of meat suspected to be poisonous to humans, expressed worries.

In a retrieved reshared by a Facebook client, Somto Okonkwo noted the man came across the wrong transaction within the Southern part of the country, particularly, the Southeast.

A Voice of a man from the clip expressed distrust that the meat he purchased from a Suya Vendor is not consumable and raises concern for investigation.

However, the man who could be seen speaking beside a supposed police patrol van but did not appear fully to show his identity or uniform, threaten to arrest the seller.

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Reacting to his colleague and other observers said the vendors have their tricks of hacking the bad product to them within the night time and at a cheaper rate.

Having expressed deep regret, said he is irritated and wants to vomit while his colleagues seek further identification of the suspect.

The meat is assumed to be from humans.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has restated that the enforced ban on the consumption of cow meat across the East is still on.


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