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Police killed young man after a brief altercation in Njaba

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A young man is reportedly killed by an officer of the Nigeria Police force after a brief misunderstanding between two boys who engaged in a fight during withdrawing of money from United Bank of Africa (UBA) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Umuaka in Imo State.

The altercation which later involved the police officer issued between two men waiting to withdraw money on 1 December 2019.

The dead boy, referred as Duru Awuzie, fondly called Aboy from Iseozi, Umuaka Njaba Local Government Area in Imo State said to be in the queue when he decided to step out to answer a call.

When he returned, another boy, whose name was not disclosed, denied him his former position and that led to a serious exchange of words, which almost caused a fight.

While the disagreement was unfolding, a police officer who was close to them appeared reluctantly to wage igniting fight not until the Aboy was serious to regain his position.

The police officer singled him out, scolded him but he reacted, questioned the officer why he would scold only him. At this point policeman could not hold his anger, pulled off the trigger at the boy, a Facebook client, Mazi Uche narrated.

The post read: This is the brief of what happened at UBA bank Umuaka.

The name of the boy is Duru Awuzie a.k.a Aboy from Iseozi in Umuaka Njaba LGA IMO state BIAFRA land.

It has been gathered that a boy went to withdraw money from UBA bank at Umuaka with ATM. They were on the queue when his phone rang, he stepped out of the line to answer the call. When he can back the other person behind him try to stop him from joining the queue again and it caused quarrelling between the two while the policeman was there watching.

The exchange of words between the two led to fighting, on the process the policeman who has been watching the scene came and started scolding the boy who was trying to maintain his position after answering his call. The boy asked him, you were there watching while we were exchanging words while scolding me now it has led to fighting.

The policeman slapped him and the boy retaliated, on the process, he cocked the gun and shot the boy to death.
This happened on 1st December 2019.

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