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Police demands ‘Mobility Fee’ before investigation, raped Student’s family laments (video)

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The Nigeria Police Force has been indicted for requesting cash from the household of a female student of the University of Benin, Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, who was assaulted and killed whereas studying inside a church in Edo State, before initiating an investigation into the issue.

In a video retrieved by scannews24, the sister of the deceased who spoke with reporters stated some law enforcement officials requested them to settle with mobilization charges when the case was reported to them before they will start an inquiry into the circumstance.

The girl stated, “I noticed a publish on social media that police stated they are known as my father however my father refused to return to the station.

“My father went there” a number of times. The police even abused him that he was a silly man, that he was not the first that his daughter could be molested.

They said they needed mobility money before they can do their job in investigating the death of my sister.

“Some are even saying my sister incident happened on 14th May, my sister incident did not happen on 14th May, it happened on Wednesday, May 27, and she died on Saturday night May 30.”

The dead 22-year-old undergraduate was studying inside a department of the Redeemed Christian Church of God when she was s3xually assaulted and brutally assassinated.

The incident received nationwide anger with many calling for the culprits of the dastardly act to be apprehended and sentenced.

Earlier on Tuesday, the police confirmed the detention of a suspect associated with the crime.


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