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Plot to re-loot Abacha Loot by the Buhari administration 

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By Malik Abdulmalik
Could it be that the men of Nigeria Police Force that protested yesterday got wind of the $330M that Muhammadu Buhari and his band of thieves intended to reloot and they remembered their unpaid 7 months salaries and allowances and decided to take the bill by the horns?
A government that has been owing salaries of different parastatals suddenly wants to become magnanimous and share $330M to the “poorest” households in 19 states? Of course you can guess where the 19 states are situated.
They didn’t think to set up scholarship funds with the money so that their wards and children of their teeming supporters can at least go to school and acquire basic education and put an end to the Almajiri practice.
They didn’t think to build hospitals and put an end to Medical Tourism.
To make matters worse, they even said it is N5,000 to each household.
Doesn’t this show that they’ve been lying all along claiming  they’ve been distributing N5,000 to some households since 2015 ?
The problem the Muhammadu Buhari administration has is; they think they’ve successfully weaponized hunger and poverty and thus every Nigerian doesn’t have the capacity to think again.
Bros, make I just tell you something now, no matter how jungle de , Lion no fit chop grass and so we brains still de very functional.
We remember every single thing in detail
That money must be accounted for and must not be spent without Nigerian Senate approval
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