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Photos: Anambra-Enugu Road Now A Death Trap, Nigerians Reacts

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Nigerians have reacted to trending pictures of the present state of Anambra-Enugu road on social media.

The trading pictures, shared by Carol Munday, a London Based IPOB media Coordinator, retrieved by scannews 24 on Saturday, showed the deplorable state of the road.

Some, who reacted to it said the road is no longer motorable while other insinuated it is a death trap, Victor Douglas said “The road is no go area now”

Others called on the governors of the states to give urgent attention to the road, Ignatius Igidi, said: “The governors, senators and house of reps members from SE will not open their mouth now and demand justice unto its people.

“The FG is busy building a railway from Lagos to Kano at a cost 5.4billion USD to deliver before December 2020, tell me why the youths and business communities of the SE will be happy with the so-called politicians break up this nation.”

See Photos:

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