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Peter Obi reveals full meaniof ‘Obidient’

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Mr. Peter Gregory Peter, Labour Party’s Presidential representative has given the full meaning of the widely used and celebrated name ‘Obidient’.

The word which appears to be an acronym has been adopted by members of the Obi Support group to easily identify their camp both on social media and on-ground.

The LP flag bearer and former Anambra State governor on his tweep on Saturday gave letter by letter meaning of the trending identity

Obi noted that the ‘O’, stands for Organized, ‘B’ Broad-based, ‘I’, Inclusive
‘D’, Democratic, ‘I’, International, and the ‘E’ Excellence-driven.

The other two characters, ‘N’ for Nigerians from every ethnic group, and the ‘T’ for Transparency in governance

We understand the opposition camp of PDP and APC have made jest of the Obidients noting the party has no structure and can not pull the pressure needed to secure the number one political office.

Unprintable names like ‘Pitabi’, ‘Obituary’, and many like it often have been used to attribute Obi and his movement. Hopefully, the adopted meaning for Obidient will give fresh air.


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