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Peter Obi explodes, takes politicians to cleaners (Video)

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The Labour Party’s presidential candidate appears ‘explosive’ while responding to pressing questions posed to him on Channels Television’s Sunrise Programme.

Peter Obi, in his philosophical stress, condemned most of his colleagues, politicians who are unstable with a political party.

He said politics has to do with consistency with a party on pressing to execute premises and national issues.

The clip which is as old as when Obi was governor of Anambra State noted one could achieve and serve diligently from any party without minding the people party’s name and structure.

Though Obi’s position could be misunderstood, mainly by the opposition camp, that he had since remained on transit from APGA, PDP, and now to LP.

The point remains Peter Obi continued via these parties in view to achieve his national dream for the country.

However, this does not justify the unstable movement of Nigerians who jumps from one party to another without a single dream or achievement to show.


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