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Peru’s President, Marino resigns after deadly protests against his government

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Manuel Merino, Peru’s President has relinquished position on Sunday, barely 5 days after assuming office.

The resignation has sparked celebrations within the capital Lima regarding intensified brawls against him and the ousting of his predecessor.

“I want to let the whole country know that I’m resigning,” Merino said in a televised speech, a day after a cop cracked on demonstrators leaving at least two people dead.

The Merino 50-year-old relinquished power shortly after a crisis session of Congress informed him to give up power earlier than 6:00 pm (2300 GMT) or face censure.

Congress is anticipated to nominate a fresh president — the South American country’s third in a week — in an unusual session called for 6:00 pm.

Hundreds have filled the streets in days of revolts towards Merino observing the ouster of his predecessor Martin Vizcarra, who was accused of corruption practices on Monday.

Congress’ request came after the health ministry mentioned two demonstrators had been slain on Saturday during a large and peaceable rally in Lima, which was restrained by police shooting shotgun bullets and tear gas.

Merino stated that with a view to keep away from a “power vacuum” the 18 ministers he swore in on Thursday would briefly stay of their posts, although nearly all had relinquished within the wake of Saturday’s destructive protest.

The resignation was welcomed by loud celebrations in Lima, with protestors carrying to the streets sounding horns and banging pots.


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