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Otu Eke Masquerade group killed two policemen, not IPOB members – Witness

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Burnt police van, with killed officers photo/online

The attack at Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s house, the Lawyer to the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has sparked social media and reactions from sympathizers for both divides of Nigerian Police and IPOB, throwing blames and counter blames on what, who started the clash.

SCANNEWS 24, according to eyewitness account and first-hand reports from the scene of incident had collated what seems to because of the clash that has taken lives of four-six persons, four persons said to be members of the secessionist group allegedly shot by joint security operatives, including Nigeria military.

Other two persons also confirmed dead said to be police officers allegedly burnt along with their Toyota Hilux Van possibly as it triggered defensive on both sides.

Though, the leader of the group, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is expected to bury his late mother this December, had condemned the clash in a statement he signed and made public Monday, said the Anambra State police invaded the house of his lawyer, Mr Ifeanyi Ejiofor, in Ifite Oraifite in Ekwusigo Local Government Area and killing three people.

In what he described as an “act of war”, Kanu warned the international community, including the International Community, to ensure the ugly attack does not turn to war.

His statement read: confirmed reports indicate that a combined team of police and the Military assassination squad invaded the home of my lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor in Oraifite Anambra State, this morning (yesterday) in a bid to kill him and his family.

“Sadly, three innocent Biafrans were killed by this invading force at his residence. This comes on the heel of yet another killing of two IPOB family members, who were peacefully gathered in Arondizuogu yesterday(Sunday). Their bodies are still in the morgue. “The police and Army must know that the time is fast approaching when British diplomatic clout and protection may not be enough to shield them from the consequences of their daily crimes against innocent Biafrans.

“Attacking the home of my lawyer is a step too far and the only effect it will have is to hasten the disintegration of Nigeria. “The United Nations Mission, US Embassy, British High Commission and other highbrow foreign diplomatic presence in Nigeria, should take note of this ugly development and convey the same to their home countries. “It is their responsibility to ensure this wanton brutality and anarchy engineered by the government against the people of Biafra is duly noted for what it is— an act of war. “Those responsible for this deadly assault know they will pay dearly for it.

They know it is only a matter of time.”

But a source who disclosed to Blaze 91.5 a radio media in Anambra state, on Monday indicated that the clash was never ignited by IPOB members but between two masquerade groups possibly got in tangled over supremacy, legitimacy in Oraifnte.

The groups, Otu Afor/Otu Nkwor & Otu Eke Masquerades on Saturday had the misunderstanding that later turned to bloody fight during a burial ceremony which led to injuring of some members in both sides and police was later involved.

According to the source, the aggrieved group invited the police which possibly swung into action for arrest but along the line, Otu Eke group (the culprit group) resisted arrested, laid siege on the police officers and shot two and eventually burnt them together with their Van close to the Village Market.

The blaze post read: Two masquerade groups fighting over legitimacy in Oraifnte, Anambra state Nigeria early this morning caused the fracas that saw the murder of 2 police officers. The 2 groups,0tu Afor/Otu Nkwor & Otu Eke on Saturday, November 30th.2019 clashed during a funeral ceremony, resulting in the maiming and injury of some of the group members. By early Monday morning, the aggrieved group had reported to the police, which had consequently swung in to make arrests. However, the culprit group (Otu Eke) laid siege on the police officers and shot at them, eventually burning up their remains with their vehicles near the village market.

In the same vein, an eyewitness who confirmed to VANGUARD said police shot two persons in Ejiofor’s house leading to a reprisal attack by the community youth killing two officers, adding that the officers were in the IPOB lawyer’s house in error.

The source maintained that the officers had a misunderstanding with some members of the secessionist group at the Ejiofor’s house leading to mobilizing of more youths of Oraifite who attacked the police

The witness maintained that the incident had nothing n relation with either IPOB members or their leader’s lawyer, Ejiofor and his family adding that it was unfortunate the police led their team to Ejiofor’s house in an attempt to make an arrest.

Vanguard report read: However, an eyewitness told Vanguard that the police actually shot and killed two people in the house of Mr Ejiofor in Oraifite, but in retaliation, the youth in the community killed two policemen and burnt them at the Nkwo area of Oraifite. Vanguard source disclosed that the police may have gone to Ejiofor’s house in error, thinking that the people they were looking for were the ones that gathered in the IPOB’s lawyer house. The source said that the policemen, on reaching the lawyer’s house, had an altercation with the IPOB members in his house, which led to the police shooting on the IPOB members and in reaction, the angry youths of Oraifite mobilised and attacked the policemen and in the process, two policemen were killed.

The source said the incident does not have anything to do with either Mr Ejiofor or members of IPOB, but it was unfortunate the police went to Ejiofor’s house and in an attempt to arrest IPOB members crisis ensured and police opened fire on the IPOB members, who are not members of any of the cult groups.

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