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Oshiomhole begs Ortom for out of court settlement over 10b libel suit

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News by Daily Sun signifies that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Tuesday, October 13, looked for an out-of-court settlement in the N10 billion libel suit that was brought about in opposition to him by Samuel Ortom, Benue state governor.

Ortom had charged the libel suit towards the previous APC chairman over his remarks against him in an APC financed press conference carried out in July 2018.

Oshiomhole had implicated the Ortom of getting a hand in the demise of two Catholic clergymen and different parishioners at Mbalom Community, Gwer East local government.

In response to Oshiomhole in the course of the press briefing, one of the clergymen had sermonized a ‘very critical sermon’ in opposition to the governor before that attack.

The attack on the parish had prompted rage within the country particularly among the Catholic community.

It additionally culminated in popular rallies held by the Catholic faithful to Makurdi and Abuja.

It is understood that some killer herders who had carried out siege in Benue and executed a number of havocs have been liable for the raid on the church.

Before the invasion, Governor Ortom had spoken extensively in regards to the presence of rampaging killer herdsmen in Benue towns, however, he was mostly overlooked by federal authorities.

When the issue continued for a particular hearing, counsel to Governor Ortom, Samuel Irabor advised the court that he was able to name his witnesses, however, that Oshiomhole’s counsel had enlightened him earlier that they have thought about establishing a retraction of the publication and that it might be ready a week time.

Remember that Governor Ortom had on Friday, August 21 repeated his initial recommendation that Nigerians must be permitted to hold AK-47 rifles as a result of safety challenges confronted in most parts of the country.

The governor contended that people must be licensed to carry AK-47 rifles for self-protection and defence, because of the across-the-board security within the nation.

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