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Ortom threaten to jail Miyetti Allah’s Vigilante spotted in Benue 

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The Fulani socio-cultural affiliation, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, had in July introduced the institution of its national safety outfit in an effort to curtail security challenges facing. Nigeria.

Mr. Bello Bodejo, the National President and Secretary of the association, who divulged information of the formation of the vigilante group, mentioned that the outfit code-named Miyetti Allah Vigilante was aimed toward aiding safety agencies in checkmating kidnapping, cattle rustling and banditry.

Samuel Ortom, who was reacting on Thursday while speaking with journalists, cautioned the Fulani organisation to not consider deploying personnel to Benue State.

In his words, “No Fulani group will come to Benue State where I’m the governor; you people know that it’s a lie, they can’t come. No room for vigilante group in whatever kind. When I confronted them, they said they’d not use the vigilante group of Nigeria. That one will not function here.

He continued: “We have our own vigilante that operates here; we have community policing in which we’re recruiting now and livestock guard that takes care of herdsmen in active support with security men.

“So, no single vigilante group of Miyeitti Allah will come to Benue State to make any noise here. For us in Benue State, we believe in the rule of law and we will jail them.”

Ortom to NASS: Reject National Water Resources Bill, it’s one other Ruga

Meanwhile, Governor Samuel Ortom in a separate report has urged members of the National Assembly to veto the National Water Resources Bill presented to the Assembly in the interest of the country described it as one other version of the discarded Ruga policy targeted to seize land for pastoralists.

The embattled governor claims that the bill which craved to deliver all water sources (surface and underground), as well as river banks under the control of the Federal Government by its agencies, was anti-federalism and in addition denied the right of Nigerians to their God-given resources.

The Governor in a press release Saturday, by his Chief Press Secretary, Terver Akase, observed that Section 13 of the Bill, states thus: ‘In implementing the principles under subsection (2) of this section, the institutions established under this Act shall promote integrated water resources management and the coordinated management of land and water resources, surface water and groundwater resources, river basins and adjacent marine and coastal environment and upstream and downstream interests.’

He depicted it as curious, the resubmission of the Bill, which was vetoed in 2018 by the 8th Assembly adding “those pushing for the passage of the bill at all cost have a surreptitious motive which is not yet clear to other Nigerians.”

He acknowledged that “the bill, along with its provisions which are at disagreement with the Land Use Act, is a concealed land-grabbing laws formulated to permit pastoralists unchecked entry to river basins, adjacent marine and coastal environments throughout the nation.

“The bill is another version of Ruga which goal is to create grazing areas within the 36 states of the federation for herders and their livestock.”

He lauded socio-cultural organizations such as Afenifere, Ohaneze and Middle Belt Forum for speaking in opposition to the reintroduction of the bill on the National Assembly and encouraged federal lawmakers to behave as true representatives of the people for the sake of posterity and to keep in mind that the future of the nation lied in their hands.

Governor Ortom additionally indicated lawmakers in the two chambers of the National Assembly to follow the path of honour by dismissing the bill as the eighth Assembly did


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