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Orlu Tension: ESN exonerated, eyewitness, explains

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The ongoing turbulence in Orlu, Imo State earlier reportedly clash between members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) and men of the Nigerian army has taken different explanation from an eyewitness.

Scannews24 had reported soldiers on Monday invaded ESN’s base in the Orlu government in search of the vigilante volunteers.

A new look available with us indicates the IPOB’s launched security outfit was not the actual target but a communal clash with cattle rearers.

Sharing on Tuesday, Ebre lroegbulam, a source close to neighborhood nothing concerned Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) or ESN but dispute involving land allocated to Fulani settlers in Orlu area by the Hope Uzodinma’s government.

lroegbulam noted that the villagers severally held a protest against the herders to vacate the land and threatened violence upon arriving in the area.

Consequently, the Fulanis invited their relatives, army officers from a military base.

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According to the source, the protesters were arrested and taken away, which apparently, led to the burning of shops in Hausa dominated market in the area.

Upon hearing the unfolding development, the soldiers reinforced back to the area and started shorting sporadically as they arrived.

The source confirmed innocent villagers were affected, many dead, leaving several others with deep injuries.

Witness’ statement: “Not IPOB…. The government of Imo State gave Fulani herdsmen people’s land in Orlu area.

“The villagers protested against it in the process the Fulani boys called army officers who are said to be his brother who came and arrested the Villagers which triggers the burning of Hausa market in the area.

“Then soldiers were Informed of that… They came and started shooting at will… Killing innocent people”

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